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GBTV Video: Glenn Beck Speaks with Russian Citizens about Food Shortages in USSR

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On GBTV Glenn Beck talks with American citizens that used to live in the USSR under the oppression of a communist government. The panel members discuss religious freedom under attack in Russian / USSR. And they also talk about food shortages and food rationing in communist Russia during that period of time and how difficult it was to live through. We recommend starting your survival food supply today by getting your survival food sample. Click here to get the survival food sample today ($30 value for Free, $9.95 shipping).
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Emergency Preparedness Expert Barrett Moore on GBTV

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This is a fantastic conversation between Barrett Moore and Glenn Beck on GBTV.

Barrett Moore is a former military, emergency preparedness and survival expert. He has a very unique perspective and shares his heart here on this video.

In this GBTV video, Barrett Moore talks about the current American society and how there is a growing spirit of unrest (Occupy Wall street etc)… he says “This isn’t going to end well. Unfortunately, there’s no way for it to end well. It’s just a question of time. It’s just a question of duration. It’s just a question of impact.” He goes on to say “I challenge each one of your listeners and watchers – You buy insurance to protect inanimate objects in your life, why aren’t you doing something today to protect something far more important?”

Barrett goes on to say “It starts with a mental checklist… Am I prepared for the unexpected? Do I have a plan? What will I need to do in the event of a particular emergency? . . . but then you focus on sort of bread and butter issues: (The elements required for life).” He goes on to list “air, water, food, shelter and clothing”.

He goes on to describe how to approach each one of those. I strongly recommend watching this GBTV Video with Glenn Beck and Barrett Moore on the subject of Emergency Preparedness and Survival!
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April 24th, 2012 at 5:29 am