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Alex Jones with Steve Shenk Storable Survival Food Expert

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In this video, Alex Jones of talks with Steve Shenk of eFoods Direct and GoFoods Global Storable Survival Food Expert about a recent visit made by government officials (FEMA) to a LDS Cannery in Tennessee.  In this video Alex Jones calls Steve Shenk “the preeminent expert of storable survival foods.”

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May 10th, 2012 at 9:21 am

Alex Jones Video & GMO Food Danger Video – Buy Only NON GMO Food Reserves

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Alex Jones of and warns of the dangers of genetically modified foods and fluoride in our water supplies in this video below.

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Why Store Food – Storable Survival Food Supply with Alex Jones and Steve Shenk

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The currency of the future: Storable Survival Food Supply. Educate yourself and start storing food today.

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Click play below to hear from Alex Jones of and Steve Shenk of EFoodsDirect.  In this radio interview they discuss the importance of owning a storable survival food supply in case of emergency.

Part 1

Part 2