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Survival Food MLM Network Marketing Home Business Opportunity

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What we offer to you as a Team:

Our exclusive GoFoods Team Survival Food Marketing System:

We have freshly harvested genealogy leads that we share with active team members!

We are directly connected with GoFoods President Brad Stewart and his staff, so if you need three way calls with the executives at corporate, we can make that happen quickly!

Calls / Presentations: We are happy to put together calls / webinars / and impromptu presentations for you to market to your prospects as you need them.

One on one training:  We are also happy to spend time with you, helping you put together a blog like this one and also training you on how to talk to networkers and other prospects about this amazing product and timely opportunity!

Ready to get started? Join us today –> click here to join us today!


Back in 2010 I began looking for a way to purchase and store non-hybrid seeds.

I also wanted to find a way to store survival food for a long period of time just in case
I had a downturn in my income or some sort of emergency.

Not long after I began my search, a friend called me and told me about GoFoods
Global.  He told me how the person running GoFoods is industry icon Steve Shenk,
the CEO of eFoods Direct

I knew about Steve Shenk and eFoods Direct from their advertising on my favorite
radio show, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory.  I had heard Shenk’s
advertisements for years on Coast to Coast AM.  And I knew that eFoods Direct was
well respected in the survival foods industry.

So, when I found out that Steve Shenk of eFoods Direct and his team were opening
a network marketing division, I was immediately intrigued and on the edge of my
seat.  As I learned more and met Brad Stewart, the President of GoFoods, working
along side Steve Shenk, I began to see that this was a home business opportunity
that I was not going to be able to pass up.

So I ordered some of the food and cooked it in my kitchen!  My first experience was
with the Chicken Cheddar Rice.  I couldn’t believe how great it tasted!  Then I tried
the Western Potato Chowder and the Sweet Corn Chowder.  They too were delicious
and very satisfying.

I’ll be brief… I dove in with both feet after trying the food and meeting the GoFoods
Global Executive Staff!  It’s been wonderful.  I now have the privilege of  helping
American and Canadian families prepare their families for whatever may face them
in the future.   It’s extremely rewarding.  If you are looking for a home business or
network marketing opportunity that will allow you to build your food reserves and
help other families build their food reserves, contact me on the form below and
let me know that you’re interested!

Thanks for stopping by and congratulations on finding this fabulous opportunity!


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