Survival Food Supply for Emergency & Inflation

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Survival Food Supply: Rules to Live by

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1. The first survival food supply rule is to use whatever space you have available to grow a garden. Use edible plants that are attractive as well as that provide food to increase curb appeal. Need shade trees? Why not use fruit trees? – they deliver a dual benefit both as shade as well as food. From a back yard garden, portable beds, container gardens on the porch or small herb pots in the window, you can grow more than you think with some creativity.

2. Our next survival food supply rule is if you freeze food, be sure you have a way to keep it frozen in the event of an emergency. If you lose electricity and do not have this arranged, you could potentially lose all of your frozen stored food reserves! A good solution for this is to have a generator.

3. Educate yourself. Learn how to can food. Learn how to dehydrate foods. Be diverse in your storage methods.
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April 19th, 2012 at 6:16 pm